Paper lanterns to lighten up the occasion

Do up your homes and spice up those drab and boring party decorations with paper lanterns. Use pumpkin paper lanterns for that uber-cool spooky look!

Decorate your homes and offices with cute and inexpensive materials like paper lanterns. There is a variety of paper lanterns like pumpkin paper lanterns, accordion paper lanterns and many more fancy lights that are easily available in the markets today. Light up your homes with colorful lanterns this festive season.

Home Decor:

Paper lanterns come in a variety of colors and shapes that they can be used to match the paint and furniture of your home.  Complement the lighting your homes with the warm glow of these exquisite lanterns. You can either hang them up from the ceiling or prop them up on tables depending upon the furniture and existing lighting in your home. They can also be made into a little centerpiece by putting together a little flower arrangement with it. Choose colors that complement the rest of the room and add some interesting hues to it by decorating the lamp.

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Paper Jack-O-Lantern Party Decor:

Decorations for a party actually makes a huge difference. Bright, vivid and lively colors keep your guests in high spirits. Of course, for kids’ parties you can have colorful streamers and balloons to do up your place. For an older crowd paper lanterns are the best alternatives. They can be coupled with tissue paper pom-poms, to give a warm and welcome ambience to the party.  If your party has wild and crazy theme; pumpkin paper lanterns would be just the thing you need to give a ‘spooktacular’ effect to the venue. Pumpkin lanterns do well with kid’s parties too, so having some at home could be quite handy.

Halloween Pumpkin (SHAPED) Orange Jack-O-Lantern Flying Sky (Floating) Lantern Wedding Decor:

Weddings are usually a grand affair, and every couple wants it to go perfect. A lot of planning goes into the event right from the venue, the food and of course the decoration.  Though wedding expenses can weigh you down, you can do –up the venue beautifully without going heavy on your pocket.  Paper lanterns and Tissue pom-poms are in! These can be creatively used to make the wedding a truly magical experience. Since they are both available in a variety of colors and shapes, they work better than flowers. Hanging them at different lengths would give the entire décor some interesting angles plus extra lighting to make the venue warm and welcome.  Again, these lamps can be used as table centrepieces too.

Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns - Just Artifacts

Other ideas:

Paper lanterns can be coupled with sashes, to line walk-ways. It can also be used to light – up the area when you host pool side parties. Pour out the contents of a glow stick into a jar of water to add some colorful glow to go with the lanterns. You can give the party a spooky touch with pumpkin paper lanterns topped with a hat!  For a prim and proper occasion use dry arrangements, and replace the candle and votive set up with exquisitely painted and beautiful paper lanterns which work out cheaper than the former.

Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns - Just Artifacts

So, have fun this party season, add plenty of colors to your life with paper lanterns and much more.

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