Silk Lanterns in Vietnam Culture – A Timeless Spectacle

Silk lanterns in Vietnam culture has become an integral part of indoor and outdoor décor around the world. They are very attractive and can suit any given occasion, adding an aura of charm and elegance.

Vietnam is known for their silk lanterns, and the lanterns there are considered to be the most beautiful ones in the world. With Silk lanterns, you can incorporate the glamour of Asian traditions into any décor, for any occasion. They also give a classic and mesmerizing look for home interiors. Silk lanterns in Vietnam culture come in an array of shapes, colors and sizes. They can be used efficiently for decorating homes for official gatherings, grand occasions and can make any event glow.

Vietnamese Diamond Shaped Dark Green Silk Lantern

The lanterns are made of natural Vietnamese silk, and used in a large number of festivals across the country. There are special silk lanterns in Vietnam culture for lantern festivals and Mid-Autumn festival. The Vietnamese people have been making lanterns with oil lamps inside for the most part of its history. These lanterns are usually hexagonal and spherical in shape, making it easy to be hung on the door of homes.

For the most part of the 16th and the 17th century, merchants from Japan and other Asian countries would conduct most of their business in Vietnam. The silk lanterns have a smooth touch to them, unlike the paper ones, which are made from synthetic material that has an ephemeral feel to it. The Vietnamese lanterns are only the ones that are made from the silk of silk worms, and are said to be like works of art that people work hard to preserve for a long time.

Vietnamese Diamond Shaped Red Silk Lantern

It is difficult to find more beautiful lanterns in any part of the world. Nowadays, these silk lanterns have surfaced as great decorative items for any occasion. They easily add splendor to any party decor. Since these products are available in a wide range of colors, you can select suitable colors that blend well with the background and the theme of the setting.

There are various silk lanterns shaped like stars, diamonds, butterflies, stars, oval, bell shaped and much more, which can add a whole new level of glamour to any venue. The silk lanterns in Vietnam culture are a phenomenal sight to see, especially during their traditional festivals. The lanterns from the city of Hoi-An city are world famous.

Vietnamese Diamond Shaped Yellow Silk Lantern The trend of using Vietnamese silk lanterns for indoor, home or party décor has gained tremendous popularity, not just in western countries, but across the globe. With the rapid uprise of this trend, many online websites now sell these beautiful artifacts. There are highly attractive and colorful silk lanterns available across online stores. Through this, you can feel the warm glow and the smooth touch of the lanterns from Vietnam at attractive rates.

Now be a part of the timeless spectacle of silk lanterns. Silk lanterns in Vietnam culture can now be a part of yours. Visit the online store of Just Artifacts and get your hands on mesmerizing silk lanterns.

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