Hand Fans – Ancient Artifacts for Modern Styling

Hand fans for Japanese Geisha have been popular since a long time. They originate from a royal background. In the past, they were considered as a ceremonial symbol of power, and the privilege of priests and kings. Today, they can be used in many ways. They are easily available in multiple design patterns and colors.

Over the years, fashion trends evolved manifolds. From design patterns to fashion accessories, things have changed as per the emerging trends. But, hand fan have been a consistent wardrobe accessory making an astounding style statement. They sync with any wardrobe design and introduce the element of elegance in your style statement. Since, their origin is associated with the royal families; they give a unique sense of superiority.

Japanese Folding Hand Fans - Just Artifacts In the past, hand fans were available in large sizes carried by royal servants. The fans used were crafted from diverse materials and available in multiple sizes. But, as time passed, fans became an ornamental object with a distinct meaning. Their presence makes a loud style statement, but they are equally good when used for other purposes.

Uses of hand fans

Typically, hand fans are considered a fashion accessory mainly used by ladies. But, you can use them in multiple ways. They can be used as return gifts during ceremonial events. They can be positioned on walls complementing your interior decoration. They are also perfect for gifting to loved ones. In addition, hand fans can be given to invitees during wedding ceremonies, and asked to write their wishes for the couple. These are some unconventional uses of hand fans that are worth admiration.


While looking to purchase hand fans online, cost is the least bothering thing. They are cheaply available. Folding paper hand fans, silk folding hand fans, paper paddled hand fans and bury palm hand fans are all available at affordable prices. So, cost does not limit your purpose of using hand fans.

Japanese Folding Hand Fans - Just Artifacts Design

Design is a key element of hand fans popularity in the contemporary and rapidly evolving fashion driven society. Though, traditional entities, their design demand attention and make a noticeable presence. They are beautifully crafted from quality material making them withstand multiple uses. Moreover, they have compelling patterns those have minute detailing and artistic charisma.


Since they are preferred globally, there are reputed online stores housing a wide selection of hand fans. Some of the popular ones include folding silk hand fans with diverse design patterns (flower, silver flower, polka dots, etc), plain paper folding in multiple color combination, vibrantly colored paper paddle and buri palm. Online vendors ship products beyond geographical boundaries and they have a hassle free payment method.

Japanese Folding Hand Fans - Just Artifacts Hand fan is a perfect ploy for multiple situations. The convenience of carrying them further adds to its fashion benefits. So, purchase hand fans and make a strong style statement.

Purchase quality hand fans for Japanese Geisha from Just Artifacts. Just Artifacts is a premiere online store providing a wide range of decoration accessories at best prices.

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