History of Kongming Lanterns

Kongming lantern or hot air balloon has a rich history. It was initially introduced in 3rd century BC. It was mainly preferred for communicating among the Chinese war troops. It symbolizes good fortune and a way to rid of worries. These days, it has become an integral part of events and celebrations across the globe.

Kongming lantern has been prevalent since a long time. It has a remarkable journey from a signaling tool to a fascinating decoration accessory. Today, when thought of Kongming lantern, we generally visualize it as a fascinating ornamenting accessory creating a dazzling scene in the sky. However, this is not the aimed objective when initially it was discovered back in the 3rd century. There is a rich history behind its existence in the contemporary world.

Chinese Sky Lanterns

Invention of Kongming lanterns

China is believed to be the origin of Kongming lantern. It first came in the picture in the 3rd century BC. The invention is credited to the sage and strategist Zhuge Liang. His reverent term of address was Kongming. Then, it was largely preferred as a communication tool among the Chinese troops. This airborne lantern was used to signal to one another. It could be sent in the air but did not remain there, falling back to the ground after few minutes. However, the time it stayed in the air was sufficient to pass on the message. There are multiple names associated with lanterns. They are also known as Chinese lantern and sky lantern.

Growing prominence

After the initial inception of this lantern, it gradually became popular among children and adults. They started using it during celebrations and festivals. Its prominence grew when it was being used extensively during the Lantern festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. In Taiwan and Thailand, sky lantern holds a significant place during celebrations. Hundreds of lanterns are launched together in the night with wishes and prayers written on them. An important festival in Thailand, Yi Peng is considered as a mega-event where people release lanterns seeking good health and fortune for the nearing future.

Chinese Sky Lanterns

It is also considered as a chance to leave behind all worries and mark a fresh beginning. In Brazil, Kongming lantern is seen during the winter season. It is considered as the characteristic of winter holidays.


Kongming lantern is rapidly stretching its existence in other parts of the globe. This is mainly because of the common and prevalent belief that it brings fortune and success. After the initial inception, children started using them as a way of wishing others, which was later transformed in an important method of leaving worries behind and awaiting successful future.

China celebrates a special festival every year on the 15th day of the eight month according to the Chinese calendar. The festival witnesses a huge gathering of people from around the globe due to its popularity and its rich History. Children enthusiastically participate in this festival and parade through streets and people worship the moon.

Eco Wire-free Heart Pink Chinese Flying Sky (Floating) Lantern

At present, lantern has become an integral part of various celebrations across the world. Along with the belief associated with it, people are using them for marking the beginning of celebration with a captivating display in the night sky. You can also bring home lanterns and celebrate occasions like never before. They are available in the online store of Just Artifacts. They are available in a wide range, color and design. The best part is they are cheap, but very effective decoration entity. So mark your events and celebration in a unique and special manner by releasing the Kongming lantern.

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