Spice up your party with striped straws

This season I saw colorful and decorative striped straws in various events being used to decorate the table, adorn a beautifully made beverage. Paperwares and in this season!

Having hosted several parties this holiday season and attended many more, here’s what fascinated and interested me. The bright colors and lovely themes that people came up with were awesome. And most importantly people were using Eco-friendly cutlery – that’s right, paper’s in!

With paperware available in a wide variety of colors and beautiful prints, they have become sine qua non these days. It was fun to match up the various paper cups, treat bags, candy cups, plates and straws with the theme of the party. I also used a little bit of Washi tape to brighten up the table alongside striped straws in various events.

Dinner parties:

I have always hated doing the dishes, even if it’s just loading the dishwasher. So this time when we had a dinner party, I switched to paperware. Cocktails served in paper cups topped with striped straws, to match the drink were definitely a huge hit. I chose plain white plates and bordered them with bright blue Washi tape for the vegan tables and bright red for the regular tables. Similarly, I used blue and red striped ones to match with the rest of the cutlery.

Mini Polka Dot Paper Straw 25pcs Fuchsia Children’s parties:

Kids parties have always been bright and colorful, and so have the other things like the food, drinks and the tableware. The kids had fun sipping up their hot chocolate through brightly colored and stripped straws. The hostess had used plastic jars with daisy cut lids and dropped in stripped straws, to match with the beverage.  This season I saw striped straws in various events for kids making the occasion colorful and a fun experience.

Corporate event:

Corporate events are usually a gala affair and companies go all out to improve their brand image. Using paperware on such occasions, give corporate companies an opportunity to embrace the eco-friendly drive. I’ve seen neat little pouches of cutlery set beside each table with forks, spoons, knife, straws and paper napkins neatly arranged in them.

Striped Paper Straws - Just Artifacts

Popular party items:

Cake pops have become a popular treat in most parties; children and adults both relish this party treat with the same enthusiasm. Using striped or printed straws for these are an excellent idea. You can use them to match the theme of the party.

Similarly, marshmallows too can be dressed up and propped on paper straws. They can then be arranged in a tall glass or a flower vase, to look like a floral arrangement. Likewise, at a baby shower party the hostess had made pretty baby rattle cake pops using these straws.

People have added little printable flags or notes to striped straws in various events to clearly demarcate or label the various food items. For kids’ parties printable notes propped by paper straws with their names on it were a huge hit.

Striped Paper Straws - Just Artifacts

All in all, I think we are moving to a more environmental friendly party experience with disposable paperware. Bright and colorful paperwares make the party interesting and fun while at the same easy to handle and clear up after the big day.

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