Bakers Twine and the delights of gift wrapping

Using Bakers string for gift wrapping is a creative way of putting this simple and inexpensive spool of thread, which easily available in every household to good use.

This time for Christmas I was clearing out my kitchen drawer when I came across a pack of different colored Bakers twine. They reminded me of how my grandma used to pack little gift jars and freshly baked bread for us. It struck me then that I couldn’t have gotten a better idea to creatively use Baker’s string for gift wrapping.

Bakers Twine String - Just Artifacts

So here, we go these are a few ideas I got from, my friends and it’s been fun. You could get the kids involved, keep them busy and at the same time wrap up your gifts beautifully and creatively.

A mini Pom-Pom to top-off gifts, just like a ribbon

Wind a considerable amount of Bakers / kitchen twine around a four pronged fork. Then take a contrasting shade of twine and tight tie a knot at the centre. This would leave two prongs on either side. Carefully ease the fork out and trim the ends evenly on both sides. Now fluff them up to get cute little pom-poms that can be used like a bow on gift boxes.

Bunting a substitute for ribbons

If you are good at crocheting; Bakers string are an excellent alternative. You can make cute little discs, stars or triangles and string them up to make bunting which can be used to tie up gift boxes or bags. They can also be used to line the edges of gift jars etc.

Bakers Twine String - Just Artifacts

Weave a Pattern

To make plain wrapping paper interesting, you can make a little pattern on it. All you need are two or four shades of Bakers twine. Wrap your gift with the paper first. Then make a little weaving pattern on the top corner and voila! You’ve spiced up a dull and boring wrapper.

Make little bands

Ideally, use Bakers string for gift wrapping even scrolls or cylindrical gifts my knitting a little band with a crocheted flower pattern on it. You can also tie knots in different patterns to make an interesting band that can be slipped on the gift just like a ribbon-bow.

Bakers Twine String - Just Artifacts

Macramé fishes and tassels

Little dangling tassels, pipa knots or macramé art made from this colorful twine is an excellent idea to embellish gift bags. Tassels are easy to make, and you can get your kids to work on them with you. Match the colors with you gift bags and you get the results of a professionally packed gift.

Sew ‘em through a button

For wrapping gifts in envelopes or bags that fold over, sew a button onto it with the twine to make it dramatic. You can also add a little bow made with the twine while you sew it through the button.

Bakers Twine String - Just Artifacts

Knick knacks

Use Bakers string for gift wrapping by making little bric-a-bracs by winding this colorful twine around die cut paper. The string can also be used to attach little tags to gifts. If you’ve got a note to be attached to the gift, thread the note onto a piece of Bakers string and tie it to the gift box.

So that was my sum up for using inexpensive material like Bakers string to some creative use. Send in your comment and ideas below.

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