Light Up Balloons – To Lighten Up Your Party

Decorate your venue with light up balloons to give the ambience a magical and enchanting twist. Pair these balloons with other artifacts to make lovely party decorations.

Balloons have always been a part of party décor and celebrations world over. Light up balloons are a fun way to add some spunk to your events.

5 Assorted Color LED Glowing Light Up Balloons Clearly, you would think it’s something that could work only for kid’s parties, but it’s surprising how these LED balloons can light up any occasion making it truly memorable and enchanting.

Here’s how these glowing balloons can be used to lighten up the venue in a creative manner.

For children’s parties, you can always use helium or air Light up balloons to decorate the area. Helium ones can be blown up and left afloat to cover the ceiling with a glowing haze of the different colored LED balloons. They can also be coupled with glow sticks, glow bands and stickers, to go with the theme.

5 Assorted Balloons Glowing

The same goes for slumber parties. Put up LED balloons in the play area, the stairs and in the bedroom so that there is enough light for the kids to sleep comfortably in. The warm glow from these balloons would help them find their way around the house even when the electric lights are switched off.

For wedding décor, choose colors that go with the theme of the wedding. If you’re good with colors, you can choose two or more shades that complement the entire theme of the event. These balloons can be strung-up and used to line the ceiling or can be hung at different lengths, to give the venue some lovely hues of light and color. If the venue is an open air location, bunch up these Helium filled LED balloons with tissue pom-poms. You can tie them down with chairs or other centerpieces.

Just Artifacts - LED Flashlights

Just as balloon arches look beautiful, LED ones would look even better in the evening. They can be used at Prom parties, games, weddings, birthday parties and at the entrance of practically any event.

Also with all the festivities around the corner these are an excellent decoration alternative.  Smaller balloons can be used to light up Christmas trees and the manger, whereas bigger ones can be used to do up the whole house.

These LED balloons can also be used to light up the pool area, as well. They float on water, lightening up the pool and deck in the true spirit of festivity.

5 Red LED Glowing Light Up Balloons

So the next time you’re having a pool party, think ‘light up balloons;’ they would accentuate the pool and make the venue a warm and welcome place to be.

Creative use of lights, balloons, streamers, sashes, ribbons and pom-poms can turn a drab event into a beautifully decorated venue.

Buy bright colored light up balloons and other artifacts from Just Articfacts to give your event the warm and welcome glow of these colorful LED balloons.

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