Do-up your home with innovative ideas

Decorate your home with beautiful and exquisite home decoration products. Accentuate the frills and cover up the flaws with these simple tips and innovative ideas.

Who says you need a deep pocket to do up your place beautifully? Decorating your home is an art and for many of us it’s easier said than done.  There’s the woe of always overshooting your budget or getting stuck with the wrong kind of artifact. Home decoration products aren’t always expensive, here’s how you can make a home out of your house by sticking to these simple rules.

Home Decoration - Just Artifacts Get rid of clutter:

Set a huge box/basket labeled “Throw” aside to collect all the unnecessary or extra stuff that you have. This is something that most of us aren’t regular about. If you’ve got stuff lying about your home that you haven’t found any use for, dump them in the “Throw basket.” This includes accessories, old cushions, gadgets, clothes, sheets etc.

Filter through the clutter to find little trinkets or stuff that can be used to redecorate your home. If you’ve got clothes in different colors and in durable fabric, you could use them to make little pin cushions, patch-work rugs or throws etc. On the other hand if you prefer buying stuff off shelves I suggest you empty your entire throw basket in the garbage.

Home Decoration - Just Artifacts It’s easier to figure out what you need, once you’ve removed all the clutter.  Spot the nooks and corner you want to accentuate and the ones that need hiding. Also see how the lighting in each room falls and the areas that you want to focus. Recycling and reusing your stuff is an economical and a creative way of managing your home.  But if you’re not very clever with your hands you could try other alternatives. There are several online stores that sell some pretty neat artifacts at affordable prices. You could surf through them find stuff that suit your décor.

Paper Lanterns:

They are affordable lighting alternatives that give the room a soft and subtle mood. Choose colors that go with the rest of your furniture and couple it with yellow lights for a mellow and warm ambience.  For drab and dull room get splashy with bright colored lanterns and bright lights to focus attention on the lighting and make the room lively.

Paper Lanterns - Just Artifacts Paper lanterns also come in varied sizes and shapes giving you plenty of options to choose from. You could also arrange lanterns of different colors at different lengths to give some angles to the room. Also try twisting hanging crystal garlands over these lanterns to get a dramatic effect.

Paper Pom poms:

Another range of home decoration products that have an enchanting effect and are easy on your pocket at the same time are the tissue paper pom poms. These fluffy balls can dramatically change your entire décor to make your home a lively, warm and magical place.

Just Artifacts Tissue Paper Flowers Pom Poms

These too can be paired with LED lights or paper lanterns, to make the room beautiful.  Try out different shades, color combinations and sizes. You could also clump a couple of pom poms together and pair them with other artifacts to make elegant and beautiful centerpieces.

Other artifacts like wooden art dolls, Matryoshka and Geisha dolls, etc. make wonderful curios for dull shelves and table tops.  You could even revamp your kitchen supplies by shifting to disposable paper-ware for parties and get-togethers. Get party cups, straws, cupcake wrappers etc. in colors and patterns to go with the theme of the occasion or the rest of your décor.

Japanese Geisha Art Doll - Just Artifact Simple and creative ideas are all you need to make your home beautiful and adorn it in a very cost-effective manner. Try out these home decoration products as they would definitely help you turn your home into a little heaven for you and your dear ones.

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