Chinese Lanterns – Importance in Chinese Culture and Color Significance

Chinese lanterns usage in Chinese culture has been prevalent from centuries. Initially used as lighting aid, lanterns were a prominent part of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Crafted from a variety of materials, Chinese lanterns were used by monks in the early stage of their invention. As a tradition, Chinese monks used different kinds of lanterns to worship Lord Buddha on the twelfth day of first lunar month. At this time, the native people gather in masses to raise lantern with a belief that the light form these lanterns will overcome difficulties and bring freedom from evil spirits. Right from then, Chinese lanterns usage in Chinese culture become significant and till date is adopted by natives. Not only natives, the reason behind their usage have made them the artifact of fortune for foreigners.

Just Artifacts - Chinese Lanterns

Made from bamboo, wood, wheat-straws and metal, Chinese lanterns are crafted with many beautiful fabric materials. People from all across the world are adopting the Chinese culture to bring new flavor to their tradition. Hanging them in the porch, indoors, near the garden area or outdoors, people celebrate their traditional event with the touch of Chinese lucky artifact. Lanterns are made of various materials, but the most famous and widely used are paper lanterns. Holding its significance, floating paper lanterns can be used for various purposes. Moreover, they are available in different color and shape that holds specific significance.

Chinese Lanterns & Their Color Significance

Made from biodegradable rice paper, lanterns provide an amazing effect with the natural illumination when lit in the sky. They are very lightweight and are translucent in texture. Different colored Chinese lantern usage in Chinese culture is prevalent since many years, and they hold specific reason for their use that makes them an essential party/celebratory element. You can pick your occasion color and enhance the party mood.

Just Artifacts - Chinese Lanterns

Color Significance


This is considered as a very lucky color in the Chinese culture. It symbolizes positive energy, love, affection and tranquility. It is widely used in marriages or birth occasions.


The color symbolizes care, nurture and feminine attributes, hence is ideal for baby showers, bridal showers and pre-wedding dinners.


Representing spirituality and happiness, this color is popularly used in every personal occasion. Foreigners used this color in their traditional occasion called Halloween.

Flying Lanterns - Just Artifacts


This is a very masculine color that represents royalty and honor. The color is ideal for launch events, appraisal occasion and award ceremony.


The color represents peace, wisdom and purity. So, floating lanterns with white color is ideal for paying homage to the loved ones and praying for their journey to the heaven.

You can pick your color for the occasion and make your evening a memorable one with the simplest and most elegant pieces of lanterns. Lanterns are made of Teflon-coated fabric and fire resistant tissue. They are easy to handle, and widely used among many Asian countries during festive seasons and other public functions. The new trend of using retro-style for lifting the party moment has attracted people across the world to floating lanterns.

Flying Lanterns - Just Artifacts Making your event a memorable one, the idea of lighting lanterns in the sky will bring your peers together. Holding the significance, Chinese lanterns can bring a new hype to the party. Whether it is beach party, birthday bash or New Year, make your event more beautiful with different colored lanterns.

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