Adhesive Washi Tape – Beautify Your Interior and Existing Objects

As people are now looking for innovative ways for decorating their celebratory events, various conventional means of embellishing the house have surpassed. Owing to busy work schedule, often, people look for ways that gives immediate and emergency aid for party decoration. Moreover, having something that comes in budget and fits well with the occasion is top of their wish-list. In this case, going for ornamental artifacts that enhance already existing home interiors and items will be like icing on the cake for people.

Adhesive washi tape is a beautifully designed sticky tape that comes in different colors, enhancing the beauty of the item on which it is wrapped or stick. It comes with many exciting qualities that make it special for different kinds of uses. Made up of rice paper, adhesive washi tape comes in various exciting patterns and vibrant colors. A semi-transparent matt finish washi tape has great adhesive property that has extended its usage in decorating the interior.

In addition, washi tape comes in budget and serves a silent party element that quietly enhances your house interior and ultimately feasts your guest’s eyes on. There are various ways in which washi tapes can turn your boring and dull items into attractive masterpieces that magnetizes the viewer attention.

Innovative Ways to Decorate your Belongings with Washi Tapes

Stationeries Customization:

Different styles of washi tapes can turn your boring and ordinary stationary stuff into attractive artifact. Use chevron and polka dots washi tap to decorate your notebook cover, scrapbook and pencil. You can even stick washi taps to cover your book spines that will not only protect them from split, but also give them a new look. Moreover, you can turn-on your children’s study mood by giving little washi tape touch-ups around their study-table.

Immediate Nail-Art:

More than anything else, washi tape serves as the immediate pedicure aid. Yes, it sounds weird, but it is possible. If you want those attractive nail-arts to be on your nails without spending much, then this is for you. Stick washi tap on your nails and cut the edges meeting your nail’s shape and that’s it. So, no time required to wait for the thing to get dry; unlike nail-polishes.

Pretty but Temporary Wallpapers:

This one is quite interesting and requires little creative knowledge. Use stripped, star and patterned washi tape to make some exciting, but temporary wallpaper. Stick the tape around the edges, make collage and turn your wall into an attractive piece of art-work that influences the viewer.

In-House Item Decoration:

Do you have old plain crockery that has been never used because they seem outdated? Then, the tiny little washi tape can turn your plain and simple crockery into an exquisite set of cutlery. Utilize the outer area of bowls, plate, dishes and platters and stick washi tapes of different colors or combinations. You can even decorate tiny wooden furniture like table, key-holder, drawers, etc.

Other Uses:

You can decorate your Smartphone and can give it a great look using adhesive washi tape. Tapes come with great adhesive quality that makes them ideal to be used for flower pot decorations. Even you can prepare one of your gift wrap by sticking tapes in random or organized fashion. In addition to gifts and card decoration, tapes are beneficial aid in art-craft projects for your children. It is safe to use and is multipurpose. There can be many other innovative ways to use adhesive washi tapes for magnifying the beauty of the existing objects. You can buy washi tapes of different color and design, and can mark a change in your life. They are easily available on online store at affordable rates. Hence, magnify your interior and augment the beauty of the existing items by purchasing washi tapes of different colors.

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