Assorted Floating Lanterns – Relish Your Momentous Occasions with Ancient Artifacts

Assorted color eco wire-free flying sky Chinese lanterns are known for the fascination they create when lighted. They are also known as Kongming lights. Gradually over the time “lighting of the sky lantern” became a way of asking for good fortune and a way of bringing prosperity.

Assorted shaped eco wire-free flying sky lanterns have rich cultural heritage. They have been used as a symbol of good luck and fortune since a long time. Especially in the Asian countries like Japan and China, they are an integral part of celebrations. The popularity of these lanterns is not just limited to the Asian countries. On the global stage, they have emerged as a cost effective alternative for illumination. They are prevalent across the globe and also known as Kongming lights.

Where are sky lanterns being used?

Sky lanterns are prominently preferred during celebrations (weddings, birthday parties, festivals, etc). They represent a unique aura that mesmerizes the ambience. They are a unique blend of ethnic culture and beauty. They are multipurpose artifacts with multiple uses. They are available in a wide range of colors and shape thus augmenting the beauty of different celebrations.

They are largely used during festivals in China, Thailand, Portugal and Brazil. As these lanterns symbolize peace and good fortune, they are gradually becoming a vital part of global celebrations.

There are many reasons for the growing adoption of Kongming lights worldwide. Some of these are –


One of the significant reasons for the growing use of floating lanterns is its affordability. They are best and cheap alternatives for giving a unique touch to parties. They are available in sets of 10 and 20 assorted color eco wire-free flying sky lanterns.

Flamboyant shades

Availability of assorted Kongming lights can minimize your efforts of making the celebration immortal. They are available in a wide range of vibrant colors capable of comprehensively syncing with different themes. They are available in vivacious colors like green, red, orange, purple, fuchsia, etc.

Multiple sizes

These bio-degradable sky lanterns are available in different size. Depending upon the nature of the requirement and affordability they can be bought as a set of 10 or 20 assorted shape eco wire-free flying sky lanterns. Their size varies as per the shape. For example, the Eclipse shaped has a width of 22” and height 32”; Cylinder shape has a width of 14” and height 37”, etc.

User friendly

They are user friendly. The lighting platform for the lantern is inbuilt. It is easy to light and float lanterns in the sky. Moreover, the handling is also safe, and they are 100% bio-degradable.

Easily available

As the use of Kongming lights continue to grow, there are online stores shipping the best in class artifacts globally. They have an array of paper lanterns vibrantly colored capable of amplifying the beauty of any celebration. They have a hassle free shopping procedure that allows customers to easily make purchases and bring home the essence of cross-country culture.

The price of the Kongming lights varies according to the size and sets. Irrespective of the color, pattern and size, one thing is for sure, they are the best alternative to create magnificence and add splendor to your occasions.

If you are looking to illuminate your special occasions with joy and blessings, purchase 20 assorted shape eco wire-free flying sky lanterns from Just Artifacts and provide guests a rare sight of beautiful illumination.

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