How to use paper pom poms to decorate your place?

An excellent decorative item, paper poms poms can be creatively used to spice up a fun party or lend an elegant and delicate  air to your special occasion.  Choose the right colors and arrange them attractively to create a breathtaking effect.  You can even clump them up together, interspersed with a touch of green to adorn large ornate vases for that stunning centerpiece.

Get creative this festive season and try out these impressive yet elegant alternatives to decorating your home. Whether it’s a quite little party, an elaborate wedding or a bright and fun summer get together; set the ambience with the right kind of décor.  Paper pom poms are an excellent alternative to expensive decoration and when done the right way they have a thoroughly stunning effect.

A little creativity and an artistic touch are all it takes to change these little wonders into exquisite decorative elements for your special day.  Tissue paper pom poms are easily available off the internet, and you can order them in a variety of colors and sizes.

Choosing the right color:

Colors directly emote with the human eye, the key to any good decoration is using the right colors. Depending upon the venue, room or area you intent to do up, choose the appropriate colors. It is always best to choose two contrasting colors to go with the neutral backdrop. So if your walls are light colored, you can choose a contrasting shade that goes with the rest of the setting and a muted shade of the color you just chose. This pattern suits formal occasions very well. So if my walls are ivory or cream I would choose pom poms of say ‘raisin’ and maybe ‘rustic gold/bronze’ to go with it.

For a bright and fun occasion using splashy and bright colored pom poms of varying sizes would instantly set a summery and sportive mood to the party.

Use a shade card to give you a better idea of what to choose. If you’re good with colors, you can try more than two shades at a time.


Depending upon the setting and where you intend to put them you can choose from a variety of sizes usually 8” & 12” tissue poms are great for smaller spaces and you can use the larger ones for huge open spaces or ceiling decors. Mixing up pom poms of different sizes also give a pleasant visual effect.


This is the interesting part. Here’s where you can give wings to your imagination and let your creativity flow. Pom poms are pretty as they are, that they can be easily used and look good wherever they are put.  You can arrange a bunch of them in different sizes and colors and pair them up with a long flowing sash to do up banisters, stairways, entrances and even line the buffet tables.  You can even mix them up with flowers and use them just like flowers. They look good on arches too.  Pompoms are excellent ceiling decoration; use large pom poms along with smaller ones and hang them at different lengths to give the room a nice and warm look. They can be alternated with paper lanterns too. Twist a bit of serial light around them and the result is truly enchanting. Pom Poms can also be arranged artistically in a large ornate vase or beautiful bowls to make a magnificent centrepiece.

So the next time you’re wondering how to do up your place or what decorative elements you want to use or how to use them, Paper pom poms are the most elegant alternative. There are no color restrictions, and you can choose from 8” to 12” tissue poms right up to 20inches. So get creative and let the pom pom magic do the rest!!

Check out Just Artifacts for beautifully crafted paper pom poms in a variety of colors. They have a vast collection of colors and sizes vary from 12” tissue poms to the larger 20 inch ones.

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