Floating Diamonds in the Sky

A paper lantern or lamp is a portable lighting object which has its hoops covered in paper. It is used to brighten up the sky, especially at night. The lanterns originate from Chinese and Japanese traditions when they were used by the military to send out warnings. Nowadays, it is widely used across the globe. There is an ever growing demand for these lanterns as their uses are endless. They are used in various festivals around the world and add that ethnic value to every occasion.

They can be a captivating addition to any occasion but the utmost extent of its beauty is seen when they float around the night skies. Such lanterns have proved to be unique decorative items and this has resulted in newer innovative designs. They come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Round Blank Lanterns: They come in different colors and sizes and can be used to decorate weddings, formal occasions and other parties. The lanterns also provide elegance to such events.
  • Criss Cross Lanterns: These lanterns are perfect for lobbies, restaurants and hotels as it provides suitable lighting to the atmosphere.
  • Battery Operated LED Lanterns: Such lanterns are well suited for camping, night trekking and other such purposes. They come in a range of different colors and sizes.
  • Round Chinese Japanese Silk Lanterns: These silk lanterns are very sturdy and are able to withstand changes in the environment. The silk not just makes it long lasting, but also adds that element of finesse which beautifies the lantern.
  • Floating Water Lanterns: The floating water lanterns are very unique as they can float on water. It is a beautiful way to decorate indoor pools or to light up a fountain. It brings in an oriental touch to the decoration.
  • Pattern Paper Lanterns: The patters in these lanterns signify different meanings. They are said to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s life. The designs range for oriental artwork to Halloween and Christmas décor.
  • Star Shaped Lanterns: They can be used perfectly for Christmas celebrations. You can spread happiness as the lanterns are said to have magical powers. It brings in good luck and can be used for various other occasions like birthday celebrations, festivals and so on.
  • Irregular and Cylindrical Shaped Lanterns: They are designed to cater to different needs, especially home interiors. It can be used for different events, occasions and even suitable for your mood too.
  • Accordion Lanterns: They have been used since ancient times and still never lose its charm. It is a Chinese lantern that is widely used all over. It can be a great addition to restaurants, spa’s, coffee shops, hotels and other such places.

There is no better way to enjoy your evenings or nights than the sight of beautiful paper lanterns lighting up the sky. They have their charm indoors as well as outdoors too. It helps set the mood of any event and can also transform your meal into an occasion.

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