Use Different Shaped Floating Lanterns for Different Occasions

Flying Chinese lanterns comes in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. Some lanterns are made of Teflon-coated fabric and fire resistant tissue, while other are made from rice or normal paper. Lantern lighting is considered to be of one of the simplest and most elegant forms of decoration. It is used widely among Asian countries during festive seasons and other public functions. However, a new trend of using retro-style for decorating occasions has attracted people across the world to flying lanterns. Floating lanterns are being used across the world as the element of decoration and celebration. There are several excellent reasons for why people are using lanterns as vital part of any fete:

  • As compared to conventional lights, lanterns costs less
  • They provide ease of maintenance
  • They are beautiful and safe
  • It is very easy to make, setup and take care of lantern lights
  • They comes in vibrant colors and different shapes
  • Flying lanterns can be used on different occasion and in different places
  • They are available at online store and are affordable

If you have watch one of the cartoon movie named Tangled, you will know how beautiful the lanterns look when illuminate in the air. During festive season, people in many Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, China and Thailand decorate their house with lanterns. Some cultures use them on sad occasions, while some see it as a sign of joy. Kongming lanterns are available in different shapes like diamond, heart, eclipse and cylinder. Each has its own significance and depending on that can be used in various occasions.

Different shaped Floating lanterns for different occasions

Lanterns as an artifacts are beautiful enough to be a part of any party merriment. Their eco-credentials and affordability allow people to use them in great numbers. Hence, you can use different shaped lanterns in great numbers for unique occasions.

Diamond shaped

Diamond represents wealth, superiority and sophistication. So, if your house is going to be the next destination for party, then diamond shape lanterns are perfect one that should be used for decoration. It symbolizes the growth in your status and prosperity. You can enhance you party decoration by using red, green and blue diamond shaped lanterns.

Heart shaped

Reading heart shaped lanterns immediately clicks the occasion where it can be used. Of course, the beautifully built heart shaped lanterns are meant to embellish all the lovely events of your life. You can use red ones to show the beauty of your relationship to the guests. Hence, spread your love by lighting the floating lanterns in the sky and wish for the long-life of your love.

Eclipse shaped

Eclipse is generally used to denote an astronomical event of celestial bodies. In astrology, it is believed that eclipses are the important events of life and they represent new beginning of life for people. It can bring new times and occasions for people. Hence, using such flying lanterns in wedding and birthday bash will symbolize the positive aspects of eclipse, and will bring good change to cherish in life.

Other than these, you may also find cylinder shaped lantern that can be used for New Year parties in the combination of other lanterns. You can make you party dazzle with bright and vivid colored lanterns. However, when you plan a party with lanterns, you may take a tour of the city to find one for your event. But, there is no need to roam around. You can find plethora of different colored and shaped lanterns on the online store at amazingly affordable rates.

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