Use Sky Lantern to Give Unique Touch to your Wedding

You are always finding ways of something unique and new to revamp the setting for your reception party. No doubt there are many ways of decorating the ambiance but to fulfill your unique needs you wish for something rare and innovative. Wish lantern, sky lanterns for wedding are the perfect find to match your requirements. These are excellent ways of celebrating wedding receptions. It is also something that people have hardly witnessed.

These are also known as floating lantern, sky lantern, glow lantern or khoom fay. It resembles hot air balloons. These are traditionally used for releasing during celebrations in Thailand. Releasing these paper lanterns symbolizes the release of problems, worries and sorrows from life. Paper lantern released during wedding symbolizes dreams, hopes and wishes for the couple in the coming future.

Sky lanterns when used for illuminating wedding ambiance, creates stunning visual effect that multiplies the enjoyment of the occasion.

These are safe and easy to use. You just have to light the fuel cell and gaze at the way they float in the air. They are available in different size and shapes. Mostly white is preferred as it is used during night time so that you can enjoy its full effect. There are many different ways of making these lanterns a part of your wedding celebration:

  • Couples can use sky lantern to mark the beginning of the celebration or can release at the end of the reception. It also symbolizes the joining of two souls into one eternity. While releasing, you can wish for success and prosperity of your relationship.
  • You can ask the guests present for the party to release lanterns in the sky, this will make it more entertaining. Release all the lanterns at the same time it will give a large scale effect. You can give sustainable effect throughout the celebration by releasing paper lanterns throughout the reception. Doing this will grab the attention of the guests and make them enjoy each and every moment of the celebration.
  • You can also bring in some innovation, hand over the lanterns to the guest and ask them to write something about you as a couple. This will keep the guests engaged, and they will come up with interesting thoughts, ideas and wishes. Guests will think of wishes for you and light up the lantern and release it in the heavens. It looks beautiful and is great fun that mesmerizes the environment.

Irrespective of the occasion you use wish lantern and sky wedding lanterns, one thing is for sure, it will light up the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm. The environment will be full of positive energy. It is stunning and unique idea to make your wedding the most memorable one. It will have a profound impact on the minds of guest they will cherish the memories of your wedding for years and years.

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