Accordion Paper Lantern for Special Occasions

Accordion Paper lanterns are being used since ancient times. China pioneered in using lantern. These paper lanterns are beautiful as well as eye catchy. It has a rich ancient history; these lanterns were hung outside the houses for avoiding evil spirits. They were also considered symbols of purity, virtue, artistry, and tradition.

These days its popularity has sky rocketed. People have recognized the potential of paper lantern to be used as a unique decorative element for different occasions. Paper lanterns are remarkable pieces of art work.

They are capable of providing festive atmosphere. Initially it was only used for celebrating traditional occasions, but these days its elaborate design and intricate structure have spread across the globe. It is being effectively used for celebrations and makeover of the house interiors.

Accordion paper lanterns are not meant to be used with LED lights or any other light. They have such appealing looks that it does not require any other supportive accessory for illumination. The reason these are known as accordion because of the pleated design surface and accordion style fold.

These are amazingly impressive and can be used for decoration for different occasions. It can instantly give the place a high-class oriental aura.
Although it is cheap and lighter on your pockets, but the effect it creates can beat the best in the business. By using these, you can achieve the party flair that you want.


  • Pleated design to revamp the overall look of the traditional lantern
  • It can be completely folded and even stored easily
  • Light in weight
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • An alternative for conventional methods of decoration

Use can use accordion paper lantern for celebrating your auspicious occasions. It can be used during wedding, birthday parties, outdoor parties, reunions and all other thinkable celebrations.

You can also use to makeover the interior of your home. Since it is light in weight, it can be hung around easily. It jells with other interior accessories and color of your rooms. Its accordion design allows you to store it for a long time. It is reusable, and can be used whenever needed for different occasions.

Using this lantern will give you the essence of Asian culture. It brings the feeling of purity and joy. Be inspired by Asian style of celebrating tradition. Decorate your home, wedding setups and parties. Be open to new customs and culture to cherish the memories of your celebrations.

If you are planning and finding innovative ways and want to give the essence of traditional beauty while celebrating, than paper lanterns are for you. Be inspired with Asian favors and gifts; surround yourself with the purity peace and joy. Blend the beauty of Asian culture in your celebrations and see how it improves your occasions.

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