Decorate and Celebrate with Paper Lanterns

Wedding holds a special place in the life of every individual. All of us make efforts to make it memorable with unique and rich decorations. At times, there are budget constraints, which make embellishment as the least important thing on our priority list. This is where paper lanterns for wedding prove to be priceless.

Paper lantern is inexpensive, simple and prolific for decoration. It adds glamor to your celebrations. It is available in a wide variety and is no longer limited to its basic shapes. It comes in distinct shapes, sizes and colors. It was essentially used in Asian countries specially China for illuminating various ceremonies and occasions.

It can be effectively used for wedding purposes. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on professional lighting. The same effects, in fact, more can be achieved with paper lanterns for wedding. You can give stunning looks to your wedding marquees, indoor and outdoor settings without exceeding the budget.


Light up your wedding

Lanterns are sincere and elegant efforts of giving a romantic touch to the grand occasion. Look and feel of the lantern is capable of beating many expensive lights. Different design gives a unique look to the setting. It can be used both for indoors and outdoors. It is light in weight and can be hung around with candles in it. You will be amazed to see the way this different colored paper artwork transforms the room into a vibrant atmosphere.

Theme your wedding

If you are looking for an unparalleled and genuine theme, then paper lantern is the perfect option. Whether you are planning a full-blown wedding or planning to give Asian touches, this traditional decorative item will mesmerize and add charm to the event. You can select them from a wide range of colors depending upon the color theme of the occasion.

Cost effective centerpieces

Floating lantern can be a better option if you are planning for something extraordinary. It is inexpensive centerpiece. You can use it along with floating candles for decorating tables. It is the perfect blend of tradition and beauty. The appealing glow of colored paper gives a pleasing effect. Moreover, it can also be used as a perfect decoration alternative for pool parties and outdoor receptions.

Light up your reception parties

You are planning for the outdoor reception but hanging lanterns aren’t perfect for outdoors, in these circumstances paper candle bags can be a better substitute. These bags come with cutting, which gives different lighting effects, it illuminates the setting perfectly.

Conventional lights and decoration can have an astounding effect on the wedding budget. You can use paper lanterns for wedding and give different lighting effects to your special occasion. It also saves you from the hassles involved in wiring lights, consumption of high voltage of electricity and detailed procedure of lighting the rooms or marquee.

Paper lantern for wedding gets rid of these hassles and adds elegance in your party. Nothing can define elegance and beauty better than paper lanterns.



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